US embassy in Nairobi warns Kenyans against fraudulent Green Card assistance

The US Embassy in Nairobi warned against Fraudsters targeting Kenyans offering them Green Card assistance

The United States Embassy in Nairobi has issued a warning over fraudsters claiming to help Kenyans secure a green card to immigrate to the US.

In a statement published on Facebook, the embassy warned Kenyans of people who are asking for cash purportedly to help them gain permanent residence in the US.

The embassy also warned Kenyans against entering into sham marriages to enable them apply for immigration benefits.

The post asked if anyone had come across the scenarios they had highlighted and warned the public to not fall into the scams.

“Has anyone ever told you they can get a green card for you? Don’t believe them! They are lying and just trying to steal your money.”

” Don’t believe them when they say you can have a fake marriage and still get your green card.”

The Embassy added that those who fell prey to these fraudsters would be blacklisted from ever setting foot in the US.

“If you apply with a fake marriage, you will get caught and you will not get your green card. You will become permanently ineligible to ever go to the United States, and you will never be able to get a U.S. visa or a green card,” the statement read in part.

“The embassy directed the public to where they can apply individually without outside help. The public was also urged to report those who are attempting to lure them into sham marriages at [email protected] or call 254-20-363-6030.”