VIDEO: Jeff Koinange and Jalang’o discuss life for Kenyans in the US


Radio Maestro Jeff Koinange and his co-host Jalang’o on Hot 96 FM took time on Tuesday to discuss how Kenyans in the US live in their new home and how the act when they go back home to Kenya for holidays.

In a discussion that began with Jeff saying that he had met an old friend who has been living in New Jersey for 30 years, the conversation turned to why he would never return to America and slowly veering into the tribulations faced by Kenyans in the US.

“I will never go back to stay in America even if they gave me a million dollars a year,” Jeff proclaimed. “Nowhere be like Africa”

The duo also discussed what they thought were the reasons that Kenyans get “stuck” in the US. They at one point speculated that many in the US go back home only to find that their peers are doing pretty well and feel like they are no match.


Listen to the whole conversation here.




  1. yeah very disappointing!! We have great jobs here in America! Ofcoz everyone has to start somewhere.. I took care of elderly folks when I first came to America for about a year.. went to nursing school and now we own our healthcare company here in America! This is the land of opportunity and most of us love it here! Yes, most of us started by doing odd jobs while chasing those dreams which even in Kenya or anywhere else you gotta start from somewhere..So Jeff, please stop with all that cheap talk nonsense!

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