VIDEO: How Jubilee and NASA supporters clashed in London during Raila’s visit


Jubilee and NASA supporters caused a scene in London as the two camps took their war of words abroad as political tensions boil over two weeks to the scheduled October 26 repeat elections.

The two groups escalated the war of words outside Chatham House in London where NASA leader Raila Odinga was scheduled to make an appearance.

The dueling supporters held separate rallies before they faced off outside the building where Mr Odinga was set to deliver a speech.

Whereas the dueling teams were largely peaceful, harsh words could be heard from either side underlining the divisions that exist abroad though grossly under-reported.

Mr Odinga, in his speech at Chatham House said he will not sign Form24A as he is out of the presidential race.

“Am officially out of the election, no need to sign form 24A,” he told the audience

Nasa supporters demanded for free and fair elections and were chanting “Uhuru must go”.

Jubilee demonstrators said Mr Odinga should go back to Kenya and subject himself to elections.

Watch the video here:

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