[VIDEO] Kenyan man rips the looting in the country in epic tirade


A Kenyan man is fed up by the looting in the country and is not minting words. The unidentified man spoke in length on what he feels ails the country.

He complains that we had 75 parastatals but now most of them have been sold only leaving 22 of them.

He says that they were sold to enrich two people or two tribes in Kenya. He points out that Kenya has only had presidents from two tribes-the Kalenjin and Kikuyu.

“The Moi family has been on the helm, the Kenyatta family has also had its chance. They should let other tribes take the leadership mantle” he said.

The man also says that he does not understand how Kenya will finance the promise by President Uhuru that secondary school education will be free yet we are in a 1.7 trillion shilling debt hole.

He went on to say that even supermarkets owned by the government are collapsing. He pointed at Uchumi which is closing various stores while privately owned Tuskys is thriving.

The man is probably referring to the Sh1.8 billion rescue plan from the cash strapped supermarket chain.

He also says that the complaints against the government has nothing to do with the Kikuyu community.

“Wakenya tunapiga kura kwa sababu ya uchugu. Hatupigi kura kwa sababu ya ukabila,” he said. “Mkikuyu asikae pale akifikiri makabila wengine wanawachukia.”

Here is his video:






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