[VIDEO] Kenyans condemn Eric Omondi for nude stunt with kids in Lake Turkana


Kenyans from all walks of life condemned comedian Eric Omondi for his latest stunt that rubbed most of the country the wrong way.

In a video posted on social media, the comedian is seen stark naked among a group of young boys who were swimming in River Turkana.

Omondi could be seen facing the camera and covering his private parts with his hands. The other boys were completely nude as well. The comedian actually moves straight up to the camera grinning sheepishly.

The video has elicited harsh reactions from Kenyans who aid that the comedian had crossed the line between comedy and decency.

Among the first to condemn the video was the Consumer Federation of Kenya who called for Omondi to be arrested and be evaluated for mental health.

“THE VIDEO in which comedian Eric Omondi is totally nude and playing with naked children in water is a tragedy. He has crossed the red line of indecent exposure and must be arrested, and put under medical test to ascertain whether its deliberate or if he is unwell #RipoffKenya” tweeted the CFK.

Others condemning the comedian included the self-proclaimed morality policeman Kenya Films Classification Board Chairman Ezekiel Mutua who blasted Omondi for the violation of children’s right.

“The video by Eric Omondi unclothed with kids should be condemned in the strongest terms possible. It’s an illegal, bizarre and obscene comedy that violates the rights of children.” Mutua’s posted on Facebook and Twitter. He further threatened legal action against the comedian for flouting KCFB classification guidlines.

“This video is not only in violation of the KFCB classification guidelines and the spirit of Cap 222, it’s also in breach of the Children’s Act,” his post went on.

Kenyans took to social media to voice their disapproval of Omondi’s latest stunt. Here are a sampling of their reactions.

Here is the video of the stunt