[VIDEO] Kiambu voters tell why they kicked Governor Kabogo out of office


Jubilee voters in Kiambu County voted out the incumbent mostly because he shot himself in the foot in the last days of the campaign.

William Kabogo who has now assumed a new title of Outgoing Governor of Kiambu did little to help his case in the run up to the vote.

Ferdinand Waititu emerged the winner in the ruling party nominations by a whopping 84 percent of the vote to Kabogo’s 16 percent. Waititu garnered 353,604 votes while Kabogo managed only 69,916 votes

The voters in Kiambu took issue with Kabogo just days before the vote for allegedly insulting women.

He is alleged to have said that Kiambu women do not wear pants or even bikers and that he was giving their husbands Sh300 each so that they can buy their wives these accessories.

Most of the voters interviewed could not even manage to repeat what he said terming it as hard to repeat.

In February 2014, Kabogo was under fire for suggesting that unmarried women are not effective leaders.

He had directed his comments at unmarried MP Alice Ng’ang’a, who had vigorously opposed his tax plan for Kiambu County.

“If you are 35 and don’t have a husband, there is something wrong… We will start demanding that you are married before you are elected,” Mr Kabogo he told a rally that was broadcast live on NTV television.

“You young ladies; look for husbands and get married. You are the ones causing problems,” he added.

The Daily Nation newspaper further quoted him as saying: “Someone who is able to manage a home is equally able to run the affairs of the people. But if you cannot manage a home … can you manage public affairs?”