February 5, 2016

[VIDEO] Manambas in Nairobi strip lady for wearing a mini-skirt

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Embassava Matatu manambas striped down a lady for wearing what they referred as loose dressing. The lady was passing by the manambas who started by making cat calls. They then proceeded with accusing her of dressing inappropriately and calling her a “Jezebel” for tempting them with her dressing. Then they took upon themselves to teach her a lesson to serve as a warning.

The video below is explicit and viewer discretion is advised.

26 Responses to “[VIDEO] Manambas in Nairobi strip lady for wearing a mini-skirt”
  1. Wanyama Eva says:

    This is very savage, and whoever posts it on internet is also savage. What a pity?! Pepper spray is what women MUST carry. Just who makes men heavy laden with sin 'moral police'?

  2. Wanyama Eva says:

    This is very savage, and whoever posts it on internet is also savage. What a pity?! Pepper spray is what women MUST carry. Just who makes men heavy laden with sin 'moral police'?

  3. @Wanyama Eva,Usiseme 'MEN' BE Specific coz pia your dad is a man and your bro's are also men ukiwaeka pamoja wataitwa?Chunga sentensi zako.

  4. Bi Murray says:

    Who gives them the right to do that to a person. That jezebel excuse does not allow there behavior. So irritating to watch this. Grown men shouting "to a hiyo" nonsense

  5. Julia Hutchings says:

    I always have a gun with me any bastard or son of a bitch/es try this on me i will shoot to kill

  6. Barbarism. Those are not men!

  7. This is a very backward mentality….We should never take the law into our own hands….The "poor" lady has a right to dress the way she feels….We should learn to mind our own business…

  8. A DECAYED SOCIETY.Respect every human, i highly condemn these actions.I dont think they have a right to do that to someone.Its a pity bullying someone in that aspect.The law is being abused.

  9. This are simply the people who turn to be rapists and child molesters when no one is watching! NKT so irritating.

  10. John Kabuga says:

    Total disgrace…this men should rot in hell what if it's yo sister?????

  11. Wanyama Eva says:

    Just so you know, man=human being as well!

  12. am someone personate to my dressing but if someone choses to dress the way they want its choice so long as she is comfortable and not pulling a bit, she is good to go. My advise to ladies dress the way the community demands in which you leave

  13. This is pathetic. These are local idiots . they are sick upstairs. This is absurd

  14. Aggrey Rey says:

    I don't like to comment on issues on social medias… someone commented here that they way society demands certain lifestyle, follow it. I agree with that. I also understand that changes takes time to come to any society, but I would prefer to fight for more changes in society and something that i can proudly talk about not the kind of change where i would say " Yeah, our sister finally got the freedom to were short skirts, mini skirts and other too much revealing attires " etc but our economy is still bad and our politicians are still ripping us off and other struggles related to soci-economy issues. Not to disrepute any woman though. Also, timing for such dressing is very important. For example, if you are going to a club or or social events where everyone is in the same boat about the dress code. But if you dress like that and go to where manambaz(no offense to any one in this platform and not all are bad people) , uneducated and self-opinionated individuals are, then its gonna end bad for sure. Ladys, try your best to be safe and protect yourself at all cost. Also, someone say something about dressing the way your feel like. Thats a bit too much and irrational to say. Freedom comes with a price tag, and you and I have to learn to control certain things that we yearn to do or have for the sake of people around us. Its call tolerance, self-control and self-disciple. just to mention a few.

    Not forgetting that Africa is still attached to our africa contemporary laws that demand certain things from both genders (from the way we talk, dress, behave… etc) Just like any other way of fighting for freedom, lives were lost, people were jailed, beaten, ashamed publicly, and other unimaginable bad things that happened in the process of trying to achieve the course that people were fighting for. not always the case, but your never know.. Right. All this stuff done to the woman was unnecessary and way too much..

  15. wangu wakamtoa nguo hivyo, naweza chota mtu ashangae

  16. Oooh how sad….thats soo barbaric.

  17. Betty Maina says:

    some men are very uncivilized, so what did they gain. If the lady was comfortable with what she was wearing, just let her be! afterall God gave everyone their own body dress yours however you want!

  18. by all means in heaven and earth who made them Judges of morality

  19. wanafaa kushtakiwa na attempted rape (anyone with their face caught on Camera)

  20. John Mkenya Peterson says:

    Africans are still very backward. We have a veeeerrrryyyy long way to go.

  21. gonewiththewind says:

    barbaric……some kenyan men don’t get it!! we are in 2014 and she can dress however she wants!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. HarryM says:

    I think conservative dressing is okay. Try this dressing at Rugby games and you are instantaneously hot, available and shared by sunset. Ask Machakos and meru funs.

  23. Daniel Wiesendorf says:

    Posting it on the internet is not savage. The point of that is to stop this from happening. If you just look away, nothing will ever change.

  24. Wanyama Eva says:

    Daniel Wiesendorf If the face can be blurred out…?

  25. Wanyama Eva Sorry girl this is not about men and women, because we have alot of men who are against the act ant vise Vassar,

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