[VIDEO] Its Mchongoano time for NASA and Jubilee and its hilarious

NASA and Jubilee trade barbs

As the August general elections in Kenya draw near, its a heated time in politics with the dueling camps trying to outwit each other with campaign promises.

In the past few weeks, NASA presidential candidate Raila Odinga and incumbent President Uhuru Kenyatta have been dueling on the issue of providing free secondary school education to Kenyan students.

After Jubilee announced plans to offer free education for high school studies, NASA followed suit and also announced the same proposal. Jubilee plans on beginning the programme in September 2017 while NASA plans on offering it in January next year.

Uhuru ridiculed Raila for copying Jubilee promises instead of offering new ideas.

Raila on the other hand ridiculed Uhuru for claiming credit for the SGR project saying that he was involved in the birth of the project while Uhuru was not.

He equated Uhuru taking credit for the SGR project to a man taking credit for a new born child while he inherited an already pregnant woman.

He further equated Uhuru as a stepfather.

“”Umepata bibi tayari ana mimba. Ukamouoa huyo bibi. Mtoto akizaliwa mtoto ni wako?” Raila asked. “Aliyedunga mimba ni nani? Uhuru ni baba wa kambo.

“You inherit and already pregnant woman. You marry her. She finally gives birth. Is that your baby?” he posed. “Who impregnated her? I did. Uhuru is the stepfather.




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