[VIDEO] The mess that was the Sonko interview on Citizen TV

Sonko interview on Citizen TV

The Mike Sonko interview on Citizen TV was a mess…….

If Senator Michael Mbuvi popularly known as Mike Sonko went on Citizen TV hoping to portray the image of the next Governor of Nairobi, it was an epic fail.

Sonko invited the ridicule of Kenyans when he went all rogue during an interview with Citizen TV’s Hussein Mohammed on Sunday Live.

Mr Sonko went with the rage of a bull hurling insults at Nairobi gubernatorial candidate Peter Kenneth. He proceeded to call Mr Kenneth a criminal who swindled Kenya Re-insurance and that he would fight Mr Kenneth to the end.

“You (Peter Kenneth) are a criminal and a thief”, he concluded

Mr Sonko’s diatribe seemed to stem from the fact that Mr Kenneth who ran for the Presidency in 2013 did not step down for the eventual winner Uhuru Kenyatta.

He asked Kenneth to apologize to President Kenyatta for refusing to step down and support him.

Mr Sonko later aimed his vitriol at other government officials as the host struggled to contain the errant senator.




  1. Wow! so per Sonko Jubilee is all about Mt.Kenya mafia and acceptable Kikuyu candidature? So Sonko’s loyalty is clearly to Uhuru and Kikuyuism rather than to Kenyan citizens or Nairobi citizens? The shallowness is strong here.

  2. So no has a strong and stellar record in Nairobi. He has been there for the people and they know that. He could just stand by that instead of this circus he performed. This should not even be called an interview.

  3. Why does the Citizen TV allow drunken politicians into their podium why can’t they use alcobrow to gauge the level of drunkenness before they allow people into the stage?

  4. Watch Nairobians vote for him. They don’t care that he acts crazy. All in all, he is the one who has been helping the common mwananchi when they call. Look at how he responds to women detained in hospitals, kids suffering. This is even before the elections were close. We shall see. Mwenye nguvu mpishe

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