[VIDEO] The most famous black man in Korea can’t escape selfies


He is the most famous black man in Korea and his fan base is near fanatic. He has built a fan base that is so strong that he sends them into delirium once they spot him.

His name is Sam Okyere and he has built quite a reputation in South Korea as a TV personality where he goes by the name Sam Ochiri.

Koreans usually mistake him for American actor Will Smith and many always come up to him for selfies.

“When Koreans see me, the first thing that pops into their heads is Will Smith everywhere I go. It’s crazy,” Okyere said. “I don’t know where they get that from but every Korean I’ve met who knows Will Smith, they look at me, they speak to me for a bit and be like, ‘You remind me of that guy on TV, the actor Will Smith. You look exactly like him.’ Yeah, I take it as a compliment. He is the standard of being handsome for a black person in Korea. Sometimes you get some of these compliments and they’re not really packaged properly so you don’t really know how to accept them.”

Here is an interview he did in Korea.




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